Design Knowledge Graphs the Smart Way. is an easy to use ontology management platform. Save precious time with the powerful, built-in knowledge base that helps you discover and re-use 20K+ existing terms while you type.


No ontology skills required for domain experts and software engineers to collaborate.


Assists with creating articles, diagrams and source code to support projects.


Autofill-suggestions from 260+ ontologies turbo boost knowledge engineering.

Do you struggle to make your data smart? heralds the age of fast and easy ontology management to pave the way for the next generation of knowledge management. Visual editing and auto-translate enable smooth workflows among members of multinational projects. Our team management and documentation features make the most complete ontology management solution on the market, enabling domain experts, software engineers and technical leads to easily collaborate. Interested in a smoother data transformation journey with

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Feature Highlights

Knowledge Base

Kick off projects with a huge head start of over 20.000 existing terms. Autofill-suggestions turbo boost your knowledge engineering process.

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Visual Editing’s visual editor allows you to easily design your concepts. The auto-layout function lets you set your preferred design structure.

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Create a content-rich documentation from your knowledge model with as you build it to be shared with others.

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Auto Translate supports 25 languages to enable multinational collaborations without language barriers.

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Be more efficient

with your Enterprise Knowledge Base








Standard ontologies are available for virtually any use case regardless of your industry or domain. Would you like to find out how can help you boost your organization’s efficiency?
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Standard Technology

Based on the RDF standards created by the Word Wide Web Consortium. The data created with can easily be exported into many common data formats such as JSON-LD.

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GitHub Integration

Built-in support for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise repositories. Benefit from the distributed version control features and set up powerful CI/CD pipelines.


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