Accelerate your modelling process.

Import open vocabularies such as, GoodRelations and buildingSMART IFC4

Jump-start your data models with Open Standards.

You don’t always have to start from scratch: Save yourself time and immediately focus on the topics that really matter. Base your work on openly available data models such as:

Import open vocabularies such as, GoodRelations and buildingSMART IFC4

Create multiple applications with just one data model.

Design your model with and generate source code for all your development projects. Modom supports generating code for multiple popular programming languages such as:

Stay smart with relevant documentation.


Protect your corporate knowledge.

There is always a risk for brain drain when important employees leave the company. helps you preserve your valuable domain knowledge because it simplifies the creation of content-rich documentation from your existing data model.

Additionally it reduces settling-in periods for new colleagues by making it easy to search and explore your knowledge base. The content created with can be made accessible using multiple channels and formats:


Built-in encyclopedia and dictionary.

Writing descriptions is time consuming. That's why can lookup words in online knowledge bases and automatically suggest multi-lingual descriptions, images and links. This will not only save you time but also improve the qualitiy of your documentation.

Full integration into your development process.


Export code into source code repositories.

It is our firm belief that a data modelling strategy can only be successful if it is part of your agile development process. The data models generated by can be directly pushed into many popular continuous integration services, including:

Maintain your knowledge


Employees Connect establishes a two-way channel between your developers and your domain experts. Data modelling is integrated into the development process and with short feedback cycles.


Shared Knowledge

Your domain model stays accessible for your employees. Reduce the risk of loosing valuable knowlege when employees leave your company.


Quality Assurance

Create alerts when certain aspects of the model do not conform to your quality standards.



Get a comprehensive overview over the development, the stability and the changes to your domain model.



Do you work in an international team? supports modelling in multiple languages and generates documentation everyone can understand.



We built everything based on W3C standard technologies. The data model used by can easily be extended and transformed in many common data formats such as JSON or XML. Your knowledge and data is accessible to you and not locked in any propriety format.

Release Event is still under development and only available to our project partners at the moment. It will be released at the first day of the SEMANTiCS conference – the leading European conference on Linked Data, Semantic AI and Data Science. Join us at our booth and get one of the limited edition coffee mugs!

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